Welcome to my blog

The process of starting this blog was much lengthier than expected and, as usual, the problems were not technical but entirely of my own making. Which was such a good encapsulation of the challenges I find with more or less anything to do with my PhD, I thought it was worth reflecting on.

When faced with a difficult decision, I procrastinate

Like everyone else, I got the email about the blog on Monday morning. Probably unlike everyone else I then panicked on realising that this would mean having to choose ‘a name‘ for my blog  which opened up a whole series of questions. What was the tone of the blog going to be?  What was the purpose of the blog going to be? Did I really need a logo? Photos? (And who even am I anyway?) Feeling unequal to so much self searching so early in the week I decided to come back to it later….. which ended up being Friday lunchtime… rather (ahem) after the deadline….

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

…is a maxim we should all remind ourselves of. Continually!

The minute I am getting somewhere I will be interrupted

I have a young family and pets, as well as a lot of colleagues that I seem to be unable to say ‘no’ to. Closed doors and switched off phones and social media do not deter them….

Social media ADHD

My use of social media is very patchy. I’m a very private person so find this whole area goes rather against the grain but I accept that would be very useful to master for professional purposes such as networking, exchanging information and publicising my work (I’m a 2nd year PhD student in Cognitive Psychology at Surrey University).

Unfortunately, my use of social media probably shows the same attentional failure as the rest of my life! I have a LinkedIn account which I have never really used or set up properly (and I don’t remember the password). Ditto my profile on ResearchGate which I have only used to to request PDFs of journal articles that I can’t get elsewhere. I have Instagram for the purposes of keeping an eye on what my children post but never post myself and find Facebook so hugely boring I almost never login, though I do use Facebook Messenger. Twitter is by far my favourite but I have no idea really about tagging and retweeting etc or how to link the various social media bits together… In fact for me this last aspect is a key one as I am keen to learn how to create as streamlined an online profile as possible which I can hopefully  maintain relatively painlessly and try to organise things a bit more in one place….

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